#2 Ideas about the project

I am quite interested in maps after reading the book Visualizing Data and The Information Capital (100 maps and graphics that will change how you view the city).

I also find some interesting data such as shops in Edinburgh.

  1. http://data.edinburghopendata.info/dataset/shops
  2. http://data.edinburghopendata.info/dataset/presentation-seats
  3. http://edinburghopendata.info/story/edinburgh-open-data-map/

And I have several random ideas about the maps of shops so I make a following list.

  • Chinese restaurants
  • Time mapping : Annual activities in Edinburgh
  • Tesco M&S products – organisation of space in a shop : entrance fruits baking
  • Combine natural views with stories(presentation seats)
  • Combine art and antiques shops with historical place and galleries and theaters.

Last but not the least,  I am going to use P5.js to make every map shown in a website and link with each other.


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